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Pine Island Primitives
Pine Island Primitives

What's New at Pine Island Primitives

Lots of new things happening!

New designs

I am honored and blessed that Carol Weatherman of Mustang, Oklahoma has chosen me to purchase her business - The Sampling. With a heavy heart, I have acquired her business because Carol is dealing with serious health issues. We have become good friends and I'm looking forward to carrying on Carol's legacy of offering wonderful rug patterns and teaching “Fragment” classes.  I am thrilled to offer over 60 of her patterns hand-drawn on linen. Look for these wonderful primitive rugs under “Carol’s Originals”, “Early Adaptations” and Jill Peterson’s “Homestead Series”.  Carol will continue to create new rugs that will be added to the website later.

Pine Island Primitived Linen Designs
Carol’s Originals
Pine Island PrimitivesEarly Adaptations Pine Island Primitives
Jill Peterson’s Homestead Series”.

More new designs by Pine Island Primitives

Pine Island Primitived Linen Designs
NEW! Posy Fox © 2017
Hooked by Jackie Budd

Pine Island Primitived Linen Designs
NEW! Posy Sheep © 2017

Pine Island Primitived Linen Designs
NEW! Noah’s Cabin © 2019
Hooked by Sally Kallin
Second in the Noah Series. (See Noah’s Farm) Primitive pairs of woodland animals going to higher ground to reach the cabin.

Pine Island PrimitivesThe Cow Whisperer © 2013 Sally Kallin
Designed and hooked by Sally Kallin

Growing up during the great depression, my husband’s grandpa (Frank Kallin) was a very creative and resourceful man. After retiring from farming, he decided to start a new business. He went to the local livestock auctions and bought sickly little calves and nursed them back to health.  When they grew up, he would then rent them to dairy farmers in Wisconsin that could not afford to purchase a heard of expensive dairy cows.  At one point he had 600 cows that were being rented. As well as a creative businessman, he was a very colorful story teller and this rug is based on a couple of his stories.

He had a farmer that rented several cows from him. One day that farmer said “This cow is dry! She won’t give milk!” Indignant, Grandpa marched over to the farm and whispered something into the cow’s ear. The next day she was giving milk! We asked him what he said to the cow, but he would never tell us. (He wouldn’t tell the farmer either).

If you look to the right side of the rug you can see two rats with their tails linked. One is lowering the other into the nest to steal eggs. This is another Grandpa Kallin story. We are not sure if the stories are true, but that doesn’t matter. They are special to our family and a great way to remember life on the farm in Wisconsin.


Pine Island Primitives
“Fragment” Classes
Taught by Sally Kallin
Sept 29-October 1, 2021
October 19-21, 2022
Includes: instruction, beverages and delicious lunches

Click Here for more info and to sign up!
(Purchase of a Fragment kit is required for class)

This class was previously taught by Carol Weatherman. When I first saw Carol’s “Fragment” rugs I thought it was a wonderful stack of Antique rugs! Photos do not do justice to the rugs. You really need to see them in person to appreciate the technique that Carol has created. She has put in over 9 months of trial and error to perfect this process. They truly look and feel old, with moth holes, repairs, and worn wool, saddened to give them age. There may even be a mouse hole!

The majority of students finish their rug in this fun and informative 3-day class. Students choose one or more of the kits listed (see Classes Section). At this time Fragment patterns and kits are available only to Fragment class students. This includes students who have previously taken a Fragment class from Carol or Sally.

Workshops in Lake City
Taught by Sally Kallin

January 19-21, 2022
January 26-28, 2022
May 18-20, 2022
May 25-27, 2022
October 12-14, 2022

New Location
Building a new home and studio in beautiful Lake City Minnesota, fall of 2020. Sign up on the website for my mailing list if you want updates.  

New email:
In order to prepare for next year’s move, my email has been changed to
The old email will still work until February or March of 2020.

Click here to sign up for classes and read more information!

Changes on the website

Unfortunately, copying rug designs has become a problem. This hurts you as well as me. The rugs are not put on the website until they are hooked, so you don’t get to see the newest designs. By not putting line drawings on the website it makes it more difficult for people to trace the designs. This is why it is stated in the “Conditions of Use” below that you will not photograph or post photos online of the unhooked canvas. 

To help with this problem of copying, I have decided to add a “Conditions of Use” agreement that needs to be checked to finish your order. This is not something that I want to do because most of you are very honest and want to do the right thing. It is intended to clarify that you are paying to use the design one time. It is a copyright infringement to trace, copy or redraw the canvas, photo or any portion of either. 

The agreement also states, that if you sell the finished rug, you will permanently attach a tag that includes
© Sally Kallin. This is to protect my copyright and to be clear to the person purchasing the rug that it is not your original design. 

Below is the agreement that you will find in the ordering process. Even if you order wool only, the agreement needs to be checked because it states that you understand that all sales are final. 

I appreciate your cooperation in this. We all need to get the word out that it is not right to copy or trace designs.

Conditions of Use: Check box to complete order
I understand that this hand-drawn rug design (canvas) is for one time use only. I agree not to trace or duplicate it (or any portion of it) in any form or allow anyone else to do so. I agree not to photograph the unhooked canvas or post it on any electronic media until the rug is hooked. If the finished rug is sold, I will permanently attach a tag to the rug that says © Sally Kallin. 

I understand that I am purchasing a rug canvas, not a finished rug. 

I understand that all sales are final. 

If your order is for wool only and does not include a rug canvas, please disregard the copyright information and agree to the Conditions of Use to state that you understand that all sales are final.

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